Former Trek Writer Ignores NDA, Gets In Tribble

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Paramount is fanatically guarding the secrets of the new Star Trek movie — even if they're as vague as "a humongous thing," and "some guys in costumes." Former Star Trek writer (and Tribble creator) David Gerrold got a sharp reminder that the ND in NDA stands for "Non-Disclosure." Gerrold, who signed an NDA before visiting the set of JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie, and then made the mistake of talking about it on his blog. Find out the secrets Paramount will go to any lengths to protect, after the jump.


If you went to Gerrold's site the other day, you would have seen an enthusiastic description of his Trek set visit, followed by some amorphous references to "bad guy costumes" and a humongous thing hanging from the rafters. We quoted it in full on Thursday. But now, if you go to that same page, you'll see this paragraph instead:

Previously in this space I had an enthusiastic paragraph about how I couldn't describe anything I saw, but it looked terrific. I was enthusiastic about what I saw, and I said I was looking forward to the movie. I wasn't revealing any details and I wasn't saying anything that hadn't already been said by a dozen other folks. But then my phone started ringing because somebody with a skewed sense of perspective doesn't think that the author of "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode should even say that much about a Star Trek movie, so as a favor to the folks who invited me I've removed the paragraphs that say I'm not going to describe what I saw, but it looked terrific. Sheesh.


The Unanswered Question [Bottomless Soup]

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Well, it's clear that Gerrold sold out and joined the ranks of evil censorship police. We all know the movie is going suck just as bad and just as much as cloverfield and Lost, so why bother getting worked up at what is clearly going to be the very worst remake ever in the history of cinema? Why mess with perfection when it works?

Screw Abrams and his Trek wannabe crew- ignore the movie and watch it go down in flames.