Classic arcade games conjure up images of Joust, pinball, and Pac-Man, but pay-to-play games predate the video game cabinet, and some tested more than your hand-eye coordination. From machines that tested your lung capacity to claw machines with live lobsters, here are a few largely forgotten arcade games.

The first commercial video game, Computer Space, by Nutting Associates, released in November 1971

This game had a 15" black and white TV by General Electric and three circuit boards mounted in a rack. Created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, the founders of Atari, in 1972.

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Caille's Hygienic Exerciser, a lung tester from the early 1900s

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Are You A Superman?, a strength tester by Western Products, 1941

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Auto Race

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SEGA Grand Prix, 1969

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Apollo Moon Shoot Rifle by Chicago Coin Machine Co., 1969

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Magistral, 1989

You can play this game here.

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Sea Battle, 1970

Play the game here.

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Carousel Race from the 1970s, using Nixie tubes to show the bets

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Stunt Pilot by Midway, 1971

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Moto Champ, 1973

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Autorally M, 1975

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Maneater, by Project Support Engineering, 1975

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Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited

This awesome arcade game features a shaking and moving life-sized car and a 90-inch screen.

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Bonus: The Sub Marine Catcher

Catch a lobster, go home and cook it!

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