My problem (one of my problems) with the Spider-Man movies is that the wire stunts and CG webslinging are so obvious. He just seems weightless and looks fake to me. This is why I want you all to join me in watching Ronnie Shalvis, a Spider-Man suit-owning parkour expert in action.

Sure, not all of his moves are as fluid as we'd expect Spider-Man to be, and of course he's somewhat hampered by his lack of webshooters and self-adhesive limbs (seriously, though, someone make him some webshooters, stat). But the way he moves his body, the way he hits those classic Spider-Man poses in a way that's so clearly a real, living person with muscles and mass is just amazing to me. Also spectacular. And even a little bit sensational, if I'm being honest with myself.


H/t to Kotaku