Forget The Final Cylon — Who's Gay On BSG?

Battlestar Galactica has more revelations up its sleeve besides the identity of the final Cylon, and just how Starbuck got such a pristine new bird. Turns out the upcoming webisodes — which will appear online after all — will reveal that two long-running male characters on the show are gay, and are in a relationship. And one of them is somebody who's seemed conspicuously unattatched for a while. Click through to find out their identities.


Apparently, the webisode series, called "The Face Of The Enemy," will reveal that Felix Gaeta and L. Hoshi are lovers. And apparently the first webisode includes full-on making out. The webisodes start going online next month, and will air on the Sci Fi Channel Jan. 15. But will the revelation of Gaeta's same-sex relationship be brought to us by Quiznos? [AICN via Galactica Sitrep]

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