Forget The Angst - Runaways Will Be 21st Century Superpowered Goonies

Get ready for the best news any fan of Marvel Comics' teen hero angst series Runaways could hear about the potential movie adaptation: original author Brian K. Vaughan is going to be writing it. And the second best news? A finished script is expected next year with an eye toward the movie being Marvel's first big post-Avengers flick. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been talking about the project, and it may be time to get cautiously excited.We've told you before that Marvel was planning on making the series into a movie, but MTV's recent conversation with Kevin Feige about the project has given us a much better feeling about what's to come - starting with his classic take on the set-up:

I love the idea of kids banding together, discovering this thing, which I think all kids secretly wonder at one time or another whether their parents are good or evil. Well, these guys find out, unfortunately, that their parents happen to be supervillains... I loved, when I was a kid, movies like 'Goonies' and 'Explorers' — and a non-genre example of that is 'Stand by Me' — the idea that when I came home from school, I could go on an adventure anywhere.


Obviously, the studio has realized that it was Vaughan's writing that made the series the success that it was, originally... and luckily, Vaughan's Lost experience means that he knows how to do screenplays, as well:

In our discussions with Brian, we wanted him to be the person to bring it to life. I think it won't be a precise story line of any [of his comics], but certainly it will be most similar to the tone or origins of his structure in its initial run.

Maybe the most interesting news from the interview came when Feige discussed whether Runaways would continue the tight crossovers between all the Marvel movies:

If it fits a dramatic moment that we want to get across in the film, we would be able to do that — but I wouldn't want to rely on having Iron Man come in and wave every five minutes so we can put that in the commercial and sell more... I really want to build movies to stand on their own, and there's no reason that 'Runaways' — with the right script and the right cast — couldn't fit that on its own.


So, post-Avengers, it may be a brand new start for Marvel's movies - and one that doesn't require you to pay attention to four at once. Could 'Runaways' Movie Be The New 'Goonies'? Marvel President Hopes So [MTV]

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