Forget Shia — There's Only One Heir To Indy's Fedora

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Is it so wrong that I'm more excited for another installment of Noah Wylie's The Librarian TV movies than I would be for a fifth Indiana Jones? In any case, one of those things is appearing on Sunday, and it's not Indy.


The Librarian: Curse Of The Judas Chalice is on TNT this Sunday at 8, and once again Noah Wylie is traveling around collecting rare objects for his secret collection, at the behest of Bob Newhart. This time, he's traveling to New Orleans, where he fights Russians who are trying to resurrect Dracula. So they can create the ultimate army. I'll just let that sink in. Also, apparently Noah falls in love with a vampire.

Director Jonathan Frakes (who also directed the awesome Clock Stoppers, plus some movies about people in space) told iF Magazine that it's more of a horror movie than the first two Librarians. At the same time, TNT told him to ease back on the gore, because "our audience is not the same as SAW." Meanwhile, apparently there's a James Bond-inspired opening sequence, and the nigh-omnipotent Bob Newhart has a bizarre scene in a barbershop, where Newhart is every one of the barbershop's customers, plus the barber. (Yes, Newhart is finally taking on Eddie Murphy, mano a mano.)

I'd way rather watch Noah uncover lost objects at this point than Harrison Ford. For one thing, I happen to know that Noah's mom knitted him a Doctor Who scarf when he was a teenager. I bet Harrison can't say that. Here's the trailer:



That photo at the top screams caption contest:

What the fuck happened to my career?!?!