Forget Road Warriors — When The World Ends I'm Getting A Plane

Illustration for article titled Forget Road Warriors — When The World Ends Im Getting A Plane

The new Spanish animation film Linko Killer is a post apocalyptic film set in the sky instead of the crumbling roads. It sounds and looks like a blend of The Road, Mad Max and a little bit of Con Air. I like the idea of sky pirates, but I'm more curious as to what they'll use for fuel. Click through for additional looks at the various dog-fighty planes that will grace the skies in Linko. Linko is about a father and a son trying to get away from some form of trouble after the world has almost ended. I'm assuming they take up a life as sky pirates. For more info including posters check out Quiet Earth.


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crashedpc /sarcasm

Sweet... I've always wondered how post-apocalyptic air warriors managed to scrape together enough parts to build such interesting 'craft.