A few months ago we had the pleasure of playing upcoming card game Triptych—and we had a freaking blast. Why was it such a delight? Because you can play just about anything. We fought Benjamin Franklin with bees! It was so great. So let's help this game become a reality!

Here's a basic rundown from the fellas that invented this game:

And yes, they need your help over on Kickstarter to make this game a reality. But, should you invest, you actually get to partake in the game! So if you "invest," you get your own copy of a first edition Triptych starter set.


A pledge of $27 or more will net you one Triptych Starter Set, which includes "three pre-built decks (yes, deck-building is a thing) totaling 90 cards, and 12 (possibly more) six-sided dice. The three starter decks are: Heroes, Forces of Evil, and Church & State." The expansion decks (which you can also get your hands on with more pledging power are Sci-Fantasy, History, and Literature.

Overall we truly had a fun time playing it. (We were particularly excited about the Unicorn card.) Triptych takes all types, and as long as you can do basic math and can read, you can play. But be warned, you have to be a little crafty to win.

Here are a few examples of the cards created by Alex Robinson, John Kovalic, Mike Dubisch, Eric Orchard, J. K. Wodward, and Gene Yang: