Forbidden Planet Reboot Could Become a Franchise

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J. Michael Straczynski is revealing more details about his remake of Forbidden Planet. Not only does the script call for more action than the original scifi classic, there may be plans in the works for more Forbidden Planet movies.


Babylon 5 creator Straczynski is still at work on the screenplay for Forbidden Planet. He elaborated a bit on his earlier comment that his remake is "not exactly a prequel." He explained that, while we will witness the fate of the Bellerophon, the ship whose crew vanished on Altair IV 20 years before the events of the original movie, it will be as a counterpoint to the story of the crew of the C-57D and their encounter with Dr. Morbius and Altaira. While this new concept calls for more action than we saw in the original, Straczynski says the script's basis on The Tempest is first and foremost in his mind.


But the big news that, if Straczynski's movie takes off, we may be seeing more Forbidden Planet. Says Straczynski:

"Warners is very excited about it, thinks it's a big franchise for them and a huge budget, so they're very much oriented toward getting it done."

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By stating that they're basing it on The Tempest, they're pretty much saying "It could go anywhere because, frankly, we've never read that one."