Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

In this morning's spoiler blast, we have the Star Trek images that Paramount tried to stop, which give our first sense of just how ergonomic Starfleet's user interfaces will be. And there's possibly the craziest rumor yet about the movie's plot. Also: a new Iron Man trailer! New Indiana Jones, Hulk and Spectacular Spider-Man images! What to expect from Lost! Scary but true Doctor Who spoilers! A synopsis of the Torchwood finale! We're drowning in spoilers, and we're dragging you down with us!

Star Trek:

Weirdest Star Trek rumor yet: Leonard Nimoy's Spock appears in the new movie, not as a time traveler... but as a ghost! [TrekWeb]


Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News posted some images of a shuttlecraft and its control panel from the Star Trek set, but pulled them almost immediately at Paramount's request. But not before a dozen other sites had posted them. [Sci Fi Cool]


Iron Man

Here's a new Iron Man trailer that's started appearing on TV. It's pretty similar to what we've seen before, except for showcasing more of the movie's humor. Especially the "Iron Man. I like that." bit.


Doctor Who:

Oh dear. Apparently the "silly" Doctor Who season opener is about the Doctor and Donna investigating a shady diet pill company that's really run by an evil alien, Miss Foster. And "it's up to the intrepid Time Lord and his new assistant to stop a million overweight Brits being turned into sickeningly cute alien babies." It's like Russell T. Davies has a groove in his brain, and he can't stop thinking about fat people who turn into babies!

And then the second episode, in Pompeii, is much as you'd heard, with the evil Pyrovillians, "a clan of terrifying fire monsters who live deep inside the volcano." At one point, Donna asks what people in Pompeii do for fun, "hang out at TK Maximus?" (Which may be a reference to the British version of discount clothing chain TJ Maxx.) Hilarity ensues, depending on your hilarity threshold. [The TARDIS Gazette]



It looks like Danielle really is dead on Lost. ABC put out a little questionnaire to its viewer "advisory panel" asking how they felt about her death. And there are some new casting calls for episode 11:

  • a mother in her late 30s with red hair and green eyes, who's tired of struggling to keep her errant daughter under control
  • Gellert, a high-school chemistry teacher who offers a bright student the chance of a lifetime but is pissed when the offer is refused
  • Florence, a late 30s foster mother, who's "charmed" by an unexpected visitor whom she hopes might help her situation, but turns "punitive" when the encounter doesn't go well
  • Susie, a nurse on the late shift who helps deliver a baby, and then tries to help the mother adjust to her new reality.


Piecing that together, it sounds like a flashback to the teen years of a female character, who was a bright student but made some bad decisions and may have gotten pregnant.

We will "definitely" see the smoke monster this season, says Jorge Garcia.

Also, the show's producers spilled some details on what to expect in the remaining five spring episodes: We'll learn "exactly" what happened to Michael between leaving the island and arriving in New York, and Michael will be a "pivotal" part of the rest of the season, having an impact on Sayid and other characters. We'll see how the Oceanic 6 escaped the island, and what happened to those left behind. The debate between Team Locke and Team Jack will amplify. We'll learn who's in that coffin, and more about the freighter people. And we'll learn who "seemingly killed" Karl and Rousseau. [Spoilers Lost]


Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Here are some new Indiana Jones pictures, the first of which looks vaguely familiar. Shia is eyeing some kind of arrow (or maybe his switchblade?). And there are lots and lots of soldiers. [Film School Rejects]


Incredible Hulk

A new kids' book tying in with the Incredible Hulk movie features a new picture of Ed Norton as Bruce Banner on its cover. It's not a terribly exciting photo (except that he's stopping to smell the flowers) and it has an annoying watermark. So I'm not going to post it here. [Superhero Hype]



Apparently in the second season finale, airing April 4, Jack's long lost brother Gray stabs him during an argument.

Also, there's a leaked script outline which may or may not be real. In a nutshell, Spike sets off bombs at all of Cardiff's nuclear facilities (plural?!), and whisks Captain Jack back in time 2,000 years. It turns out Spike isn't in control of his own actions, but is the puppet of Captain Jack's evil brother Gray, who's gone insane after years of torture at the hands (claws) of hellish creatures. They bury Jack alive, but Spike slips Jack a ring with a homing beacon.


Then Gray zips Spike back to the present. Spike nearly gets killed by Weevils, but Ianto saves him. Owen, meanwhile, is trying to keep all of Cardiff's many nuclear reactors from exploding. Gray shoots Tosh, who lives long enough to help Owen avert nuclear catastrophe. The radiation destroys Owen just as Tosh dies, so they sort of die together. Meanwhile, Jack has been locked in a drawer at Torchwood for 100 years after some Torchwood women dug him up in 1900. (They found the homing device that Spike gave him, but Jack decided to hide in a drawer for 100 years to avoid meeting himself.) Jack puts his brother "on ice" but lets Spike go free.

And then as the team clears out Owen and Tosh's stuff, they find a farewell video that Tosh left behind, addressed to Owen (who'll never see it.) Then we end with Gwen, Ianto and Jack sitting sadly on the docks of scenic Cardiff, land of a thousand nuclear reactors. [Digital Spy]

Spectacular Spider-Man

Here's a sneak peek at how the Sandman will look in his Spectacular Spider-Man animated debut this Saturday morning. Apparently the episode involves Peter Parker trying out for the football team, which just seems wrong somehow. [Comics2Film]