Spoilers are flying everywhere, we’re hoping fans don’t get caught in the crossfire.
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Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is finally here but it’s going to be a while before a lot of fans get to see it. For those of you lucky enough to have already ingested the superhero spectacle, here’s a place to talk about it freely.


Please, for the love of Frigga, stop posting spoilers on our other Infinity War posts. It’s almost impossible to talk about this movie without revealing something and it would be nice if everyone who wanted to go in fresh could do just that. The internet is a minefield enough as it is.

As you’ve probably already noticed, we’ve had tons of coverage leading up to the big film (handy links below) and next week we’ll have the chance to speak a bit more freely in our posts to get into the nitty-gritty but until then, go hog-wild in the comments here to get out your, what I assume are very strong, feelings about Infinity War. As always be kind.


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