For Your Convenience, a Doctor Who Spoiler Discussion Zone

Jodie Whitaker in “Fugitive of the Judoon.”
Jodie Whitaker in “Fugitive of the Judoon.”
Photo: BBC

Doctor Who’s “Fugitive of the Judoon” has aired in the UK. For those of you who’ve watched, here’s your chance to discuss it! For those who haven’t, a big ol’ spoiler warning.

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We will, of course, have our usual recap up tomorrow but considering the Doctor Who twitter account warned us something big was coming (bigger than the Master returning???) we figured you might want a safe place to talk about it.

So, chat away freely in the comments and once again a reminder, there WILL BE SPOILERS.

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Remy Porter

This episode was deftly executed. Pretty much all of my major complaints about how the behind-the-camera stuff has been playing out were absent this time.

Well, there was some dodgy pacing with the surprise guest star, but I’ll let that slide.

But I know I’m gonna end up in the minority with this: I am sorely disappointed to have “the fate of the universe” at stake, depending on a cryptic warning about an impressive sounding Bad Wolf Fields of Trenzalore Impossible Girl Lone Cyberman, and a lore heavy episode that dips back into original TARDIS designs. And yuck to trying to slot in another regeneration somewhere in the timeline, but that’s still a ball in the air, so maybe they’ll do something clever. But hopefully not too clever- after the Moffat era I’m very done with clever.