For Your Convenience, a Captain Marvel Spoiler Discussion Zone

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Hello! You’ve got mail!
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Captain Marvel, the last stop on the journey to Avengers: Endgame, is finally here. That means it’s time to talk spoilers. There are a lot of themso, below, you’ll find a place to safely chat about them with the entire io9 community.

Be careful though. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, avoid everything below this paragraph. Below here, all’s fair in Skrulls and spoilers.

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We’ll have much, much more to say about the film’s biggest spoilers in the coming days, but as a few potential topic starters, how about:

What did you think of the film flipping the Skrulls on their heads? Were you surprised to see the Tesseract come back? Did you like the fact that Annette Bening, not Jude Law, played Mar-vell? Did you cheer when you saw the first footage of Captain Marvel in Endgame? Was it confusing that the final tag of Goose was back in the past, after seeing the future? How did you feel about the music, such as No Doubt’s “Just a Girl,” dropping during the action scenes? Do you think Carol is powerful enough to defeat Thanos? Will the Skrulls ever come back?

All that and much more is up for grabs right now, in the comments below!

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I did think that this film was tough on dumb people. You can’t imagine how much confusion some of the simplest things caused in some of the morons around us at the theater we saw it in.

Especially the post-credits scenes being out of chronological order. Hell, there are still people who even believe there are two tesseracts, now. Sigh.

There are also lots of dum-dums making videos on YouTube about how impossible it should be for the Avengers to have found the pager amongst Fury’s belongings (really? Why?), and how “the battery should’ve run out on that pager” (um....they even included a line of dialogue about how they rewired it to an AC power source in the scene).

I thought the whole thing was quite good.

Not GREAT — but good. I liked all the twists well enough — but I think people are overplaying the Skrulls “reimagining”. The movie didn’t say “HAY GUYZ, ALL SKRULLLS ARE THE GOOD GUYS NOW, OMG!”

It just said those particular Skrulls weren’t interested in war and conquest, and just wanted to escape everything and find a new homeworld to have to themselves. It’s basically saying that — like humans — there are good and bad forces amongst both the Skrull and the Kree. (I think that’s actually a pretty positive message, considering it’s exactly the opposite of the fucked-up way of thinking racists on our own planet operate.)

So that certainly doesn’t close the door in any way for the MCU heroes to face evil Skrulls in the future. (I mean, the way they’d already faced evil Kree in AoS, I’m surprised that anyone was shocked that the Kree ended up being shitheads in this film.)

The Flerken was pretty cool too. Oh, and they set up Monica nicely.

I worry that they didn’t emphasize Carol’s realization that the device the Kree placed on her neck wasn’t “helping her control her powers” but rather dampening her powers. That could’ve been emphasized a lot more and helped alleviate confusion amongst folks less familiar with the material.