If you haven't been following Andy Martin’s Illustrated Aliens project, you owe it to yourself to start.

The premise of the project is simple: every day, Martin whips up a brand new illustration of an alien. At the end of the month, he creates an illustration of that month's aliens' planet, along with an animation. The illustrations are consistently clever, and the animation styles change form month to month. It's really, really well done.


Martin has illustrated and animated aliens from five planets so far. Our favorite world to date has been Planet Four, where robots – after achieving global domination – "find harmony and discuss philosophical matters of enlightenment, beauty and magnificence.” Featured here is the end-of-month illustration accompanying Planet Four (the animation is featured up top):

Featured here is the latest animation for Planet Five:

And here's today's (June 21st's) animated aliens – residents of what will come to be Planet Six!

You can follow Martin's daily illustrations and animation updates on his tumblr. Definitely worth checking out.