For the Holidays, iZombie Decided to Destroy All Hope

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For its midseason finale, iZombie decided to destroy the foundations of everyone’s work. And also, somehow, deliver the best Major plot ever.


Spoilers for “Cape Town” follow.

This week’s murder is of one of those “real life” costumed vigilantes. His name is the Fog and he interrupted the wrong mugging. Eating his brain gets Liv, no shock, all hopped up on superhero fetishism. Which Ravi, for the record, is totally on board with. He suggests “Super dead,” “Doctor Power,” “Dead Power,” “Doctor Dead,” and “Snow Woman.” Also “Mighty Whitey,” which Liv rightly points out would make her the favorite of the KKK.

All of our season-long plots come home to roost this week. The terrifying crime boss Mr. ... Boss (thanks writers, that’s not awkward at all) is back in the guise of a humble CPA/Santa. Because the mugging that Fog interrupted? Wasn’t so much a mugging as it was one of his gun deals gone wrong. Boss helpfully kills one of the “muggers”—and artfully drapes his body on a Christmas tree. That’s how he keeps his power. Everyone dies the second they slip up.

Something Liv gets to witness first hand, when she dresses up in a costume and goes to Boss’ warehouse. Where she finds a bunch of gunrunners, goes full zombie, and is about to be shot by the mugging “victim,” when Boss shows up and “saves” her. (Liv’s a zombie, it might have just pissed her off.)

This one plot has a number of repercussions. Liv’s clearly got the attention of Boss, which can’t be a good thing. Also, we get the first of a number of bad news moments. Clive decides that Liv’s recklessness is the last straw for him in the whole “partnering with a psychic ME and letting her do a lot of things MEs shouldn’t do” thing. He ends their arrangement.

On the one hand, I’m kind of sad the show’s writers felt that the reason this devastated Liv needed to be spelled out. Liv justifies her eating of brains by also helping to solve their murders, allowing good to result from her predicament. Losing that means she’s just another zombie plundering the lives of others to survive. One murder away from being Blaine, basically.

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Speaking of Blaine, he shows up with a dying “source of tainted Utopium” in tow, and forces Liv to turn the guy so that they don’t lose the source. Turning people hasn’t gone great for Liv, so that’s another step down the unethical zombie road she’s taken.


And then there’s Major. I actually really liked a lot of Major’s plot this week—save that they went the traditional “hooker with a heart of gold” angle on it. Major meets a woman in a bar who is a zombie. Major’s gotten a rep as the zombie boogie man—you know, from all those zombies he disappeared—and she’s basically trying to commit suicide by Major.

The two of them, Major and Natalie, have an actual heart-to-heart, which results in Major understanding the stress that having all these other people in her head is causing Liv.


Major lets Natalie in on his plan, which is to sedate and deep freeze the zombies until Ravi’s able to replicate the cure. And then, he can wake them up and set them free. I think he’s banking on them being too grateful to press charges.

So she voluntarily gets in the freezer, asking Major to kill her rather than let her become one of the mindless kind of zombie. Which is heartbreaking all on its own. The two actors are really good in these scenes. I only wish Liv and Major ever connected like this.


Which, it turns out, is what everyone is thinking. Since Major, even with his new empathy, still thinks of everything with Liv as being temporary. Just like he thinks he can keep stalling until zombies can be cured. He’s very short-sighted when it comes to this issue. He still thinks that everything can just eventually go back to normal.

Liv points out that, even if the personality shifts are temporary, the no-sex thing isn’t. And even if Ravi makes the cure, she’s not the same person she was. Major isn’t either, for all he doesn’t seem to pay a lot of attention to that. So their relationship ends again.


To top off the loss of Major and Clive in Liv’s life, Ravi sees that the “cure” was actually only temporary. Zombierat is zombie once again. And Ravi doesn’t know what that means for Major or Blaine. And it means he has to go back to square one.

The state of Liv is gloomy going into the hiatus. Which makes the framing device—Liv on superhero-obsessed brain—pretty perfect. Liv’s basically been a superhero this whole time. She has special powers and she fights crime with a secret identity. And once she actually puts on a mask, she loses it all.


The episode even ends with Ravi doing voiceover and Liv striking the lonely hero pose on a roof. I can’t wait to see how she manages to recover from any of this. Or if she doesn’t and this show becomes blacker than black.

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I liked how there was a whole group of vigilantes and Clive seemed to know who they all were but Ravi was disappointed in himself for not being aware of them.

And I think the mugging victim who was actually robbing Boss was going for a head shot on Liv so he probably did save her life. She made for a pretty good vigilante, since she had actual super powers and could take being shot or stabbed.

I also liked how word of a boogie man taking out zombies was getting around. I think some of the stuff with Liv that bothered Clive could have been explained as when she gets psychic vibes from a victim she also starts to take on their personality, but I guess they needed to break Liv up with everyone, except Ravi.