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For some reason, the Grinch is getting another movie—this time in CG

Illustration for article titled For some reason, the Grinch is getting another movie—this time in CG

After the rage-inducing financial success of The Lorax, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures is apparently on a mission to ensure that Dr. Seuss' most popular books all know the touch of CG. The next Seussian project on their slate is another remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Mr. Grinch's expression up there says it all.


Variety is reporting that the Grinch will be the next Seuss character to hit the silver screen. There is, at least, an interesting director attached to the project: Pete Candeland, an animator who has directed music videos for Gorillaz, and Variety is hearing assurances that this movie will stick closer to its source material than The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, and the live-action The Grinch did. Still, Candeland hasn't yet proven himself as a feature director (though he is working on a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride feature for Disney), and The Lorax is a rather dark stain on Illumination's Seussian record.


The company apparently also has a Cat in the Hat film in the works. We're just waiting to see if any of our movie posters for even worse Dr. Seuss films will end up coming true—green eggs and ham is people, I tell you.

Universal, Illumination to reboot 'The Grinch' [Variety via Cartoon Brew]

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This does not please me. The live action version with Jim Carrey was brilliant. The original cartoon was brilliant. Sticking to the standard of things usually being 2 out of 3, this shall be awful.

As for the Cat in the Hat movie, I have yet to come to grips with having seen part of the live action monstrosity. They need to just leave it alone until I've fully recovered. I screened the live action mess and walked out. It was free, and I still couldn't manage it. Honestly, if they're going to do a Seuss movie they should do Wacky Wednesday. That book was brilliant.