For morning viewing: 3 timelapses of last week's Perseid meteor shower

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Last weekend's Perseid display may go down as the most spectacular meteor shower of 2013. Did you miss it? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here to wrest you from the clutches of Monday morning indolence are three arresting timelapses of the shower, each under 90 seconds long.

The first comes from photographer P-M Hedén, and features Perseid fireballs streaking against a backdrop lit by aurorae and noctilucent clouds.


The second was shot by astrophotographer and astronomy educator Adam Block from Mount Lemmon Skycenter in Southern Arizona.


Created by amateur astrophotographer Kai Gradert during a timelapse workshop in Joshua Tree National Park (a primo shooting location for astrophotography), the third video compresses three nights of meteor activity down to just sixty seconds. There's light pollution, planes and satellites, but the meteor footage still impresses. Just watch:


h/t Universe Today

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These videos really make me want to go camping again. That last video was so beautiful.