Hey hypothetical insane billionaire, do you have five large burning a hole in your tissue box pocket that just needs to escape? Have we got the purchase for you — a musical band of four leering animatronic yokels, courtesy of that miracle machine eBay. Mount these guys on your flatbed hovercraft and show those stuffed shirts at the country club who's boss! From the listing:

Animatronic Hillbilly band for sale. Purchased new from Sunshine Motion Company (designed and built by someone who used to work on animatronics at Disney World). Band featured for a few seasons at petting zoo/amusement park in Massachusetts. Selling due to changed business model. Originally purchased for approx. $14,000. Asking $5,000.


Pray tell, what could this revised business model be? Not frightening unsuspecting children into a lifetime of bladder looseness? As a bonus, here are more nerve-shattering robots bound to give you an acute case of "Scooby Doo pinwheel-leg" sciatica.

[WFMU via Buzzfeed]

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