Should you ever find yourself in the environs of Vilnius, Lithuania, you can sign up for 1984: The Survival Drama, a three-hour faux Soviet military interrogation, complete with former KGB guards looking to recapture the magic of the old days. 25€ will get you a three-hour regimen of belt-whippings, verbal abuse, and a sham trial. What a bargain! Here's the sales pitch:

This event takes place in a former Soviet Bunker. Basically it begins with a real road ambush by the red army. Then everyone is put in prison and gets blind folded, "handcuffed" and lined up. Next is the interrogation chambers (mission of interrogators is decided with client; it can be to find the boss or to get specific information from the participants. Interrogation finishes with a court case where a "Stalin" actor reads the sentence to all the prisoners. Then suddenly there is a chance for a break out. A battle begins (strike ball or paintball).


And lest you think this is simply a historical reenactment, the proprietors of the bunker promise "that in case of disobedience participants may receive psychological or/and physical punishments and may be excluded from the show." Leave your bad attitudes in your duffle bag. For another slice of retro terror up for capitalist ducats, see Lithuania's Grūtas Park.

[Via Pruned]


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