For $1,230, you too can own a 3D-printed model of your unborn fetus

This is how you impress your horrified progeny's date during prom photographs. The Japanese engineering firm Fasotec is teaming up with Tokyo's Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic to offer expecting mothers 3D-printed models of their gestating bundles of joy.

A mere ¥100,000 will get you a 90x60x40 millimeter "Shape of an Angel," an MRI-scanned keepsake that depicts the fetus in white resin, floating in a block of "amniotic" clear resin. Is this the harbinger of things to come?


As in, will parents of the future print three-dimensional facsimiles of their children for every milestone, to the point that they collect entire Terracotta-soldier-like armies of their abashed spawn? "Beautiful ballet recital, sweetheart! Into the scanning bed with ya! I know it's cramped in there, but be a dear and try to pirouette."

[Rocket News via Nerdcore]

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