Foot Fist Star Gets Into Henching

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No sooner did mention the graphic novel Hench than the movie rights get bought up as a vehicle for Danny McBride. I demand my 10%, but I'll take it in the form of a funny movie.


According to Variety, Warner Bros has picked up the rights to Adam Beechen and Manny Bello's 2004 graphic novel. The script will be adapted by McBride and his Eastbound And Down co-writer Shawn Harwell. No word yet on who will direct.

Hench centers around a former football player who, when injury ends his career, goes into the freelance henchman business with predictably unpredictable results.

WB nabs 'Hench' for McBride [Variety]


The Great & Powerful Turtle

Still say McBride was the only good thing about Tropic Thunder.

I never miss an opportunity to belt out his "BIG ASS TITTIES!" warcry.