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Follow Batman's Journey Through Time on Twitter

Wondering what Batman is up to on his travels through time? You could wait for Grant Morrison's The Return of Bruce Wayne, or you see what he's tweeting at TimeLostBatman. However, Batman's tweets aren't precisely in character:

Debating crime with Plato. Not going well. Considering employing the Sobatic method and applying a thoughtful kick to the face.


And he also encounters some other time travelers along the way:

Theodore Logan, and Bill S. Preston, Esquire, eh? You want a history lesson? I'M THE GODDAMN BATMAN, DUDES!


Expect plenty of bat-puns ("Just invented the Commissioner Gordian Knot.") and ancient mysteries resolved through bat-logic ("The real secret of the pyramids? Ancient Batsignal.").

TimeLostBatman [Twitter via reddit]

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If Batman were more proactive, a Tweet (bleah) I'd like to see:

Decided to visit the Joker's mom. Hot MILF too much makeup. Got her drunk. Good luck with fetal alcohol syndrome, Joker.