Flying Mega Piranhas Are Worse Than Terrorists

What terrible force is causing scantily-clad coeds to drown in bubbling, red waters of their own blood? That's right - it's a mega piranha, whose powers include largeness and destruction of small towns from the air. Ah, Syfy original movies.


Syfy's next original movie is Mega Piranha, which might not be as catchy as Chihuanhas, but is still packing enough goofy, fishy action that you won't want to miss it.

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Vulcan Has No Moon

What I want to know is is this, why is SyFy making these cheese-tacular movies? Don't they know there's a rich source of black and white vintage cheese out there? Seriously, why not run the original version of Island of Doctor Moreau? Or The Birds? Or Count Orlok? Or Creature from the Black Lagoon, or Dr. Frankenstein's Monster, or Gojira? Or Blackula? Why make new cheese?

I know, I know. It's delicious and non-nutritious as Cheetos, but why dole out whole hundreds of dollars importing it from Romania when there's a rich reserve of dairy product at home?