We can only dream of soaring above the clouds, the way so many birds do. They swoop over our heads, taunting us with the freedom we'll never have. But at least there are tons of bird-cam videos, which give you a birds-eye view of the world below.

Some of these videos come from cameras attached to birds ‚ÄĒ and others come from cameras that birds have stolen and carried away, while they were still filming.

Golden Eagle in flight, Scotland, 2009

An eagle in Chamonix, French Alps, France

Flight of a peregrine falcon, the fastest animal ever. It could reach a top speed of 200 mph (320 kmh) during its hunting stoop.

New York filmed by a snow goose

Common Cranes fly over Venice

A fish eagle hunts for flamingos in Lake Bogoria, Africa

Eagle steals a camera near a crocodile meat trap in West Australia

Flight of a bumblebee

The speed-dive of a Himalayan Golden Eagle (also known as Berikut)

A peregrine falcon wants to hunt Gee Atherton, the 2010 downhill World Cup Champion

Seagull stole GoPro in Cannes, France

A Condor's view of the Andes

Bonus: An eagle soars next to a paraglider