For nearly 11 years, World of Warcraft gamers have soared over the Alliance Capital of Stormwind on their flying steeds, but now you can get a sneak peek of a similar scenario for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie for yourself, as well as a fantastic first look at the location re-imagined for the big screen.

Unveiled last night to coincide with the Warcraft booth being opened at San Diego Comic-Con (where we spoke to Jones himself about him returning for not one, but two Warcraft sequels!), the “Skies of Azeroth” module for Legendary’s VR App lets you take a short Gryphon ride over the revamped city. For fans of the games you’ll see some pretty big changes—here’s Stormwind in World of Warcraft:


Compared to the Stormwind we fly into in the app:

A bit more dense, isn’t it? There’s a few changes eagle-eyed fans will be able to notice aside from the huge increase in scale, though. It’s cool to see some of Warcraft’s most iconic locations being brought to life,especially when we you get to take a look for yourself in neat VR experiences like this.

The Legendary VR app is available on Android and iOS, and works on both phones and tablets, but if you can’t get it to work on your own device, you can see a youtube version of it below, complete with the ability to pan around:

The youtube video also works with Google Cardboard, so if you have one you can experience it in all its VR glory too!


Warcraft is due for release in Summer 2016.



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