Florida Sheriff's Department Deputizes Boy To Fend Off Zombie Attack

Here’s your heartwarming story of the day: 7 year old Spencer Holt was deputized by the Pasco County Sheriff’s department to fend off a zombie horde in their jail cells.

Holt is terminally ill with a Mitochondrial disease, and was a fan of both zombies and police officers. The Sheriff’s department decided to cheer him up by combining the two. They enlisted the help of the drama troupe from the local J.W. Mitchell High School, and brought Holt in for a tour of the department. While there, they staged a zombie attack, deputizing the boy and having him save the day.


The department posted up a gallery of pictures from the event.

And no, I’m not tearing up; it’s just dusty in here.

[ABC 7 Amarillo, Zap 2 It, Pasco County Sheriff’s Department]

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Me, I'm Counting

I find it remarkable that 7 year old kids can be ‘fans’ of a pop culture trope that is based on the killing of ex-humans, the grosser, the better. Says a lot about the sad state of our societies.