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Flesh out your fictional characters by having Redditors interview them

Illustration for article titled Flesh out your fictional characters by having Redditors interview them

Need a little help adding depth to your fictional characters and the world they inhabit? Reddit's new IAmAFiction subreddit offers writers an intriguing way to explore new angles of their stories. These work much like reddit's ever-popular "Ask Me Anything" Q&As—except that in this case, the fictional characters are upfront about being fictional. You introduce your character and the IAmAFiction community asks your character questions, forcing you to think about how your character would respond and possibly opening up avenues of your story that you never considered.


Photo by Tim Moreillon.

Even if you're not working on a story, the IAmAFiction reddit is a lot of fun to read, with participants explaining what species tips best at a spaceport restaurant, spinning the nature of a feudalistic walled city, and describing the Axis Powers' alternate-history conquest of the USSR. It's still a small subreddit, so many of the threads are pretty empty, but there's a lot of promise in this kind of collaboration. If you do decide to submit your characters to the IAmAFiction gauntlet, don't forget to ask questions in other writers' threads as well.


IAmAFiction [reddit via Mediabistro]

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Invisible Monster

And, if you'd rather not go on Reddit because it's basically 4chan with more creepshots, you could try using a list of stock questions like this one from the Vampire: The Requiem core rulebook. A lot of roleplaying systems have questions like these, and if you ignore some setting-specific ones you can get all the benefits of IAmAFiction without posting on a site that harbored pedophiles.