FlashForward Halts Production: Is The Show In Danger?

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Has FlashForward become the next show to fall afoul of network micromanagement? ABC have halted production on the series until after Thanksgiving in order to — according to an official statement — "boost the writing."


This news follows both the show's steady fall in the ratings — last week saw the series beaten by Fox's Bones for the first time; overall, FlashForward has lost a third of its audience since its premiere — and co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim leaving staff last month. An ABC spokesman said that the reason for the production halt was because the network wanted "to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so."


This shutdown follows ABC's similar decision for V in August, a halt that grew in length and led to two different replacements of showrunner before the series even premiered. Is FlashForward co-creator and current showrunner David Goyer about to find himself ousted in favor of someone that ABC feels more comfortable taking the show to April 29th 2010?

ABC halts 'FlashForward' [Variety]


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I think this show does better in the UK/Europe - we don't need bangs and explosions every thirty seconds, nor do we need the plot shoved down out throats.

Seriously, why can't American audiences handle slow burning shows, is it an attention issue or just a matter or taste?