The adorable Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell and the rest of their stereotypical nerd-boy crew embark on the dangerous mission of breaking into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, in the new trailer for Kyle Newman's Fanboys. It looks like your standard haphazard road trip comedy — but with a killer list of cameos that caters to fan-dorks by addressing Billy D only as Lando and calling Kevin Smith "that guy from Die Hard 4." Plus, how could you not love the fact that the Han Solo-dressed driver's van squeals like R2 when he kicks it into light speed? At first I was worried that director Kyle Newman had created a "let's laugh at the nerds" flick, but now I'm starting to see that this film is more light on plot and heavy on fan-jokes. Which I'm actually okay with. As long as there is no moral at the end that "geeks are people too." Fanboys will finally come out on February 6, 2009.