Geek site Pink Raygun tries to convince the world that Flash Gordon is worth watching (That "Yes!!!" you heard in the background? That was Annalee agreeing wholeheartedly) by interviewing consulting producer (and Painkiller Jane survivor) Gillian Horvath, who does her best to tell those of us who didn't stick around past the second episode where we went wrong.

I have followed some of the commentary and it was a bit daunting at the beginning that there were some disappointed viewers out there. We went into that first episode's premiere with very high feelings for the show. We had really enjoyed the cuts and the dailies that were coming to the office, so we went into August with the feeling like, "This is great. We are on the coolest show. We're so happy to be here. It's gonna be so fun to watch this thing grow."

Then we got some pretty hard online reviews from people who were disappointed and we were like, "What happened there?" When I look back at it now with brilliant hindsight which is always 20/20, I can see that part of what happened was that there were stories that we knew were developing over time, therefore we could see the germs of them in those early episodes. People viewing couldn't see where it was going.


Apparently, the idea of an episode being entertaining in and of itself is a thing of the past in these post-Buffy year-long arc days...

Gillian Horvath - Behind the Scenes on Flash Gordon [Pink]