Apparently, the movie bigwigs at Sony don't watch the Sci Fi Channel? How else to explain the announcement that Flash Gordon is headed back to the big screen so soon after the recent and, let's face it, kind of shitty TV version?

You can see why the concept behind the character excites people: "Sports hero (Originally a polo player, although for obvious reasons that changed to football player in almost every successive incarnation) and plucky reporter love interest team up with wacky scientist to save the world from alien invasion" sounds like the one of the greatest ideas in the history of storytelling if it's done well. The only problem is that it's never been done that well - Even the '80s version is remembered more for it's (admittedly awesome) soundtrack than anything to do with the script, acting or overall quality of the movie. Although, really, it has some great dialogue.


The potential new movie version already has a producer and director attached. Don't get too optimistic, though; it's Matthew McConaghey vehicle Sahara's Breck Eisner who wants to be the man behind the camera on this latest version. (Wannabe producer Neal Moritz has slightly better credibility, having produced The Fast and The Furious, I Know What You Did Last Summer and, most importantly, Greg The Bunny. Hey, I said slightly better, okay?). No writers are currently attached to the project, but expect the by-now-traditional Frank Miller rumors to start momentarily.

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