Flash Forward To Your First Glimpse Of ABC's Next Science Fiction Epic

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We've been waiting eagerly for our first real glimpse of Flash Forward, the new ABC series based on Robert J. Sawyer's novel. And it looks like Wednesday's 100th episode of Lost will include some flashes.


It sounds like the short ads for Flash, which will air during Lost, are designed to create confusion and mystification among the mystery-crazed fans of the island drama. We'll see brief moments and disconnected images, along with a website URL that will direct us to more information about the show. But the website, itself, may not be that straightforward either, but rather some kind of Alternate Reality Game-type setup. It's all part of an elaborate marketing strategy that ABC is ramping up early for Flash Forward, which the network hasn't even officially picked up yet.

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this isnt about tweens jewel staite and ben foster? i dont want to watch