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What's hopping this week in TV Land? The returns of FlashForward and Breaking Bad, and the premiere of the dementedly fun zom-com Ugly Americans. All this, and new Lost, Caprica, Chuck, and oodles more on this week's What To Watch!


Monday 3/15/10

First off, new Chuck on NBC at 8 PM. In "Chuck Vs. The Tic Tac," Chuck and Sarah must help Casey out when he gets in a treasonous jam. Also, Robert Patrick - Mr. T-1000 himself - guests as Colonel Keller, a man with past connections to Casey.

This week's recipient of The Angry Phone Call From J.R.R. Tolkien's Estate Award is a rerun of The Mystery of the Human Hobbit on Science at 8 PM. This archaeological program is about digging up miniature humans in Indonesia.

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Your Futurama Fix Of The Week: Comedy Central will be airing the two first post-cancellation Futurama flicks throughout the week. Here's how they're divvied:
Monday 3/15, 8:00-9:00: Bender's Big Score (parts 1 & 2)
Tuesday 3/16, 8:00-9:00: Bender's Big Score (parts 3 & 4)
Wednesday 3/17, 8:00-9:00: The Beast With A Billion Backs (parts 1 & 2)
Thursday 3/18, 8:00-9:00: The Beast With A Billion Backs (parts 3 & 4)


Syfy's got an anime line-up this evening. Two new episodes of Monster (11 & 11:30) and Street Fighter Alpha Generations film at midnight. Hadouken!

Late Night: Environmentalist Charles Moore on Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, 11:35 PM)


Tuesday 3/16/10

New Lost at 9 PM on ABC. In "Recon," we're treated to more uncomfortable footage of Claire's freaky bone moppet. Oh goody. And meanwhile, find out what the L.A. version of Sawyer's been up to.

Need a refresher course on the first half-season of FlashForward? ABC's running FlashForward: What Did You See?, a special at 10 PM for those who need to play catch-up.


A new episode of History's Life After People airs at 10 PM. In "Take Me to Your Leader," this cheery post-apocalyptic program speculates what havoc time would wreak on famous government abodes.

My oddball pick for the evening is the trippy Natural History of the Chicken at 9 PM on PBS. The documentary covers the industrialized life of our fowl friends. It will make you equal parts depressed and hungry.

Wednesday 3/17/10

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Ugly Americans (Comedy Central, 10:30 PM) is hands-down my Pick Of The Week. It's funny, totally fucking weird, and has LAND WHALES in it. Yes, land whales. I'll be reviewing it later this week, so you'll get more deets then.

New Human Target (FOX, 8 PM). In "Baptiste," Chance must prevent his ex-partner from assassinating a foreign official.

For those of you who like your television hairy and scary, there's Ginger Snaps (IFC, 8 PM) and a new episode of MonsterQuest ("Sierra Sasquatch") on History at 9 PM.


Syfy will also be playing the Leprechaun flicks in reverse (?) in honor of St. Patty's Day. From 10:00 AM -6:00 PM, Leprechauns 4-1 will play. Warwick Davis marathon!

Thursday 3/18/10

Flashforward returns at 8 PM on ABC with "Revelation Zero" a two-hour spring premiere: "Aaron tries to figure out why a black-ops unit is looking for his daughter; Mark questions Lloyd about a conversation that occurred during their flashforwards; Zoey tries to alter Demetri's fate."

Friday 3/19/10

A new episode of Caprica (Syfy, 9 PM) debuts with "Ghost in the Machine" - "Daniel Graystone engages in a dangerous game to draw out his daughter's avatar."

New Clone Wars at 9 PM on Cartoon Network. In "Senate Murders," Senator Onaconda Farr is poisoned, and Padmé and Bail Organa must find the killer.

On IFC at 12:35 AM, there's The Kingdom Of The Spiders. Shatner. Tarantula swarm. 1970s. Yup.

Saturday 3/20/10

Curious movie marathons today. On Syfy, we have...
11:00 AM - The Crow
1:00 PM - Serenity
3:30 PM - Total Recall
6:00 PM - Aliens


And HBO Family is airing the cinéma vérité Hulk Hogan classic Suburban Commando at 3:30 PM.

There's also Eraserhead on Sundance at 4 PM, and a new Survivors at 10 PM on BBCA rounds out the day.


Sunday 3/21/10

Season 3 of Breaking Bad debuts at 10 PM on AMC. Meth-dealing chemistry nerds in the house! Don't hurt 'em, Bryan Cranston!

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