Five years from now, we will talk on phones shaped like squirming tadpole men

Remember the Telenoid R1 telepresence robot we featured several months back? Now researchers from Osaka University have collaborated with NTT Docomo and Qualcomm to build the Elfoid, a telephone shaped like a pallid amphibious man.

The phone you see above is still in development, but the functional Elfoid will be able to mirror the body motions and facial expressions of the person you're speaking with, thereby facilitating a handheld telepresence experience. The Elfoid debuted in Tokyo last week, and its developers hope to have one of these wriggling cyberfetuses up and running in five years time.


I don't know about you, but the Elfoid is giving me flashbacks to that humanoid dildo we terrorized you with last June (link NSFW).

[Via Laughing Squid and Pink Tentacle]

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Not long after, we will have phones shaped like squishy gelatinous frogs. :P

(From "Macross Frontier" for the anime-challenged.)