Five SciFi T-Shirts That Will Get You In Trouble At Airports

A Transformers fan was singled out by Heathrow airport security for wearing a t-shirt with a print of Optimus Prime wielding a gun. The fan was told that his shirt was offensive because of the gun and he couldn't board the plane unless he changed. Wha? First of all it's Optimus Prime, the GOOD guy: If something is going down on a plane, I'm looking to the guy with the Autobots T-shirt. Second, I really would rather airport security be checking people's bags and not their cotton tops. In case you want to show solidarity with this beleaguered fan, we've got five other weapony scifi tees you can wear to the airport. Or not wear, depending on your willingness to tangle with overzealous officials.


Collect them all:

Star Wars Light Saber


Master Chief



Transformers T-shirt is Bad Idea at Airport [via Hide Your Arms]


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