Five Reasons To Stay Alive Until 2010 At Least

Click to viewAs 2008 drags to a close, it may seem like there's nothing left to live for in a post-Christmas world. But 2009 offers up an embarrassment of entertainment riches - and here are just five.


Meet The Final Cylon

If there's anyone out there who's not looking forward to the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica, then they've either seen them already or should consider putting down that crack pipe. It's not just the revelation of the identity of the Final Cylon - and I'm totally putting my money on Gaeta at this point - but also seeing just how Ron Moore and team will bring the story to what we're promised is a satisfying and "operatic" close.

A Summer Not Dominated By Superhero Movies

Sure, there's Watchmen in March, but that already feels like something from the past; superhero movies were so 2008. 2009, by contrast is The Year Of Reliving Someone Else's Childhood, with new Transformers, new Star Trek, new Terminator and GI Joe (Not to mention new Witch Mountain). I'm ignoring Wolverine by way of leading by example, because you should all do the same thing. Along similar lines:


Genre Directors Pushing Themselves Again

Maybe it's just my cynical eye, but with the exception of the Wachowskis and Speed Racer (and, arguably, Chris Nolan and Dark Knight), 2008 seemed pretty light on big name directors trying to dazzle us. Thankfully, 2009 offers at least two movies to fill that void. James Cameron's 3D Avatar may have the most eyes on it right now - if only because he hasn't made a movie since 1997's Titanic - but I'm much more excited about Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, which sees him try to reclaim the scope and grandeur of Time Bandits and Brazil. You know that, even if he fails, it'll probably be the most interesting movie of the year.


Scott Pilgrim

It's not just that 2009 will give us the fifth (and penultimate) volume of Bryan Lee O'Malley's video game-influenced magic realist series about life, love and being Canadian (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe is released in February), but the long-discussed movie adaptation from Shawn Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz's Edgar Wright should begin shooting, as well. Pretty soon, the world will know Pilgrim's name, and I'll have to fight my urge to say his earlier stuff was better.


Who Is The New Doctor Who?

Yes, I'm sad that David Tennant is leaving as well, but I'm looking forward to the announcement of his successor. Not just because I want to know who it is - I'm still leaning towards Paterson Joseph - but because I'm ready for everyone to stop starting wildly inaccurate rumors about "the latest name to throw their hat into the ring." And, yes, that's also my main reason for hoping that Chris Nolan starts thinking about a sequel to The Dark Knight, as well. I mean, Rachel Weisz is one thing, but when you're reduced to Eddie Murphy, that's just getting ridiculous.

Final Cylon image from Nerdgod.


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