Aviation porn. Is that a thing? It should be. Whatever, we're using it — it's the perfect descriptor for this composite timelapse video by filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker, captured at San Diego International Airport on Black Friday between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.


Kuckenbaker describes his methods and motivation on his blog:

Months ago I saw an amazing photo on the Petapixel blog in which a photographer shot every plane that landed at ?Airport? in a day then composited all the planes into one image [Kuckenbaker is referring to Ho-Yeol Ryu's composite photo of airplanes landing at Hannover Airport]. Which made me wonder if it could be done with video?

It turns out that it definitely can be done but is easiest with a pure blue sky and with the camera facing up not toward the horizon. With an even blue background it's fairly easy to key out each airplane and put them together. The bridge in this shot is an added time lapse under the 1st Street bridge in San Diego.


Kuckenbaker says he was most surprised by the sheer volume of air traffic (roughly 70 planes in ~ 4 hours), and the preponderance of Southwest Airlines (fun fact: SW doesn't rely as heavily on the same hub-and-spoke system typical of many American airlines, though San Diego is one of SW's "focus" cities.)

[Cy Kuckenbaker via boingboing]

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