First Walking Dead Season 5 Look Reveals... Uh... Zombies Still Exist

Okay, the "first look" from season five of The Walking Dead, which aired during last night's special episode of Talking Dead, was kind of a let-down. But if you were worried that suddenly zombies were somehow no longer threats, this brief clip of Carol and Tyreese avoiding them should quell your fears, I guess.


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It revealed a lot. They are on tracks. The back of the sign located so close to the tracks indicates that they are headed towards Terminus. Maybe they are the Calvary (Sorry Agent May)? Maybe the Terminus people (Termites? Terminacins?) think they might be in for some BABY back ribs?

That kid isn't crying at the most inopportune time, either. Maybe Judith learned from Lizzie and decided to SHUT THE HELL UP. Maybe Judith watched Carol tell Lizzie to look at the flowers and WISED UP.

This trailer is VERY revealing.