First Videos of the Life We Found on Mars

If news of the water ice on Mars has got you excited to discover alien life, you're in luck. Doctor Who has already discovered life on Mars for you, in the form of the whispery, strange-assed Ice Warriors. They only made appearances in a handful of episodes, mostly in the 1960s and early 70s. But the Ice Warriors are a notorious enough breed of alien that when Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies joked that he was bringing them back it practically broke the interwebz in two (no, they didn't come back). Here we've got a lovely introduction to our Martian pals, created by a YouTube user called Rassilon001. Note their whispery voices, and strangely bulbous rear ends. Also, nice helmets and claws! Trivia moment: Doctor Who writer Gary Russell once published a novel where an Ice Warrior takes off his suit and does the naughty Martian thing. Check out Rassilon001's whole collection of Whovian compilations.


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