First video from the UK's Batman Stage Show: Turn On The Camp!

In the wake of the Spider-Man musical's total disaster, somehow the Batman Live Arena Tour has gotten a free pass. But just check out these photos. Nothing good can come of a stage show with Schumacher undertones. Or can it?

The cast and crew of the Batman Live Arena Tour teased the UK press with a short preview from their stage show. Don't worry, it's not a musical — but we're not sure it's any better than the Broadway Spider-Man mess, even if it is aimed at kids. Here's a collection of stills and videos from the presentation. And our analysis.

Why This Is The Stage Hero We Deserve:

- According to the BBC this massive on stage production cost millions, and promises a 100-foot stage "that will house scale models of Gotham City and a circus tent." The show also promises a Batmobile, martial arts and "gadgets."


- Catwoman appears to be rocking her Darwyn Cooke-inspired goggles, which we've always approved of.

- The actor playing The Joker is certainly giving it his all, and his relentless dedication to this lunacy kind of grows on you after a while.

Why This Will Be Worse Than Nipples On the Batsuit:

- While The Joker appears to be carrying the show, the images in this gallery are not helping.


- What have they done to Harley Quinn?

- What have they done to Robin?

- There is a lot going on in just the stills alone. Have they learned nothing from Spider-Man?


- It's like The Dark Knight never happened.

- The whole thing smacks of Schumacher.

I guess only time, reviews and leaked footage will tell. The £12m production will premiere in at the Manchester Evening News Arena on July 19th. Images via AP.


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