First Under the Skin Teaser: Scarlett Johansson as a Seductive Alien

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We've been obsessed with Jonathan Glazer's film Under the Skin since we saw the first set photos a couple years ago. Now, at last, here's the first footage from this movie where Scarlett Johansson plays Isserley, an alien who picks up male hitchhikers using her "voracious sexuality."


Hard to tell from just a one-minute teaser, but this looks fantastic. Here's a telling quote from the Times review of the book version, from back in 2000:

The first man she picks up is distracted by her perfect breasts, but he also notices her ''big knobbly elbows . . . knobbly wrists too, and big hands.'' The lenses of her glasses are so thick her eyes look ''twice normal size,'' and she is described as ''half 'Baywatch' babe, half little old lady.''

Actually, Isserley is a great deal stranger than that. She has been surgically altered to look human, and she comes from a place much farther away than the reader might at first imagine. Her intentions for the men she picks up are not sexual — they're culinary. Once she's decided a hitchhiker is appropriate prey, she drugs him and takes him to an abattoir hidden beneath a run-down farm, where, in horrifying fashion, he is prepared for shipment to Isserley's home world.

Apparently the whole story is told from Johansson's point of view, and we see her starting to become more human and show qualms about shipping so many men off to her home planet. Perfect sort of premise for a moody art movie, based on a weird literary novel. Cannot wait. [via Aaron Stewart-Ahn]


I'm not convinced by this whole space-faring aliens able to traverse vast interstellar distances coming all this way for a good steak. Really, they can't grow meat? They can't abduct cows? How do they excel at technology beyond our imagining and so fail as basic predators?