First True Detective Season 2 Trailer Reveals The Entirely New Cast

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True Detective is back with a new cast, a new crime, and a whole new location. Creator Nic Pizzolatto has been slowly leaking out clues as to what we can expect, but this is the first actual footage. Anyone else think Vince Vaughn looks wildly out of place?


But perhaps Vaughn looking so pretty is exactly the point (warning — spoiler-y talk and speculation ahead). Everyone else looks a little rough around the edges: Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are allegedly playing California Highway Patrol officers. Rachel McAdams also appears to be a member of law enforcement who (according to Movie Pilot) doesn't get along with Kitsch and Farrell — something to do with her "different set of ethics." Then there's Vaughn and his alleged career criminal, so yeah, maybe he should be looking different, and a bit slicker.

The series premieres on June 21st.

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I... I haven't watched the first season. I kinda wanted to, but only if there was, indeed, a supernatural element. I still don't know if there is or not, and the promo for this season seems like it could just be Southland, part 2. Am I wrong? Should I make this a must-watch?