It was only a matter of time before Disney started busting out the ARG's for the super-buzzed-about sequel Tron 2. After scattering the globe with Flynn's Arcade tokens they've now launched a conspiracy theorist site: what really happened to Flynn?

First take a look at these incredible-looking tokens to Flynn's Arcade. But in the sequel, Flynn has mysteriously vanished. At least that's what has been rumored, and is now being implied on the Flynn Lives site. The followers are dedicated to uncovering the mystery of Flynn's disappearance including a time line and an assortment of clippings about Encom's CEO.

1989 — Kevin Flynn alleged to "disappear." Initial facts raise many questions. Many of us were suspicious.

1990 — Sightings of Kevin Flynn by ordinary citizens, including high-credibility "Level 3" sightings of Flynn in NYC's Central Park during a Shakespeare Festival, on the fringes of a San Francisco street fair, and the notorious "Elvira" sighting of Kevin Flynn at Halloween celebrations in West Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, these initial sightings display certain characteristics true to this day — nothing has been confirmed and photographic evidence has been lacking.

1992 — Sightings continue. Several of us make contact thru Usenet and begin correspondence.

1994 — First Flynn Lives! meet-up in Dayton, Ohio. We resolve to continue our efforts to find out the facts behind the mysterious disappearance.

1998 — Letter from Kevin Flynn to a founding member of the group gains media attention, then debunked. Founding member (now ex-member) checks into a mental hospital for observations.

2001 — A $5,000 award is offered to anybody who can prove Kevin Flynn is alive. By December 31st, alas, nobody had satisfied our jury and the money was spent on a great party for all of the "Troniacs" we know and love!

2002 - 2005 An era of low visibility for our group. Sightings drop off, and interest seems to slacken. Thank heavens that is over!

2007 - Interest picks up as the "Albino Cow" Flynn sighting in southern New Jersey energizes a new generation of activists.


Here are a collection of fake clippings documenting the CEO's mysterious disappearance.


So dust off your unitards, it's Tron time, bitches. BRING ON THE ARG's and day-glow lights, we're ready. Also, we're hoping the countdown hidden beneath the dancing spider is for the Comic Con panel — seems like it.


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