First RoboCop trailer shows off Robocop's brand new look

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The first-ever trailer for the brand new, rebooted RoboCop explains why they changed the classic cyborg's look from silver to black. It's all Michael Keaton's fault.


Jeepers — just about everyone is in José Padilha's reboot. There's old Batman, Michael Keaton, plus Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, and Samuel L. Jackson. So many people. But more importantly, how do you like the slick, new look? We're happy to see some satirical ads via Jackson, but the rest looks very different from the original. Fingers crossed this isn't Total Recall reboot bad (which it very well could be).

RoboCop hits theaters on February 7th.

[via Apple Trailers]



Ugh. Misses the point in so many ways.

Blown up by a car??? Not brutally shot to death by the bad guys? Is this whole movie going to be that "safe"? Not to mention his horrible wounds are OK to put in a trailer for the masses and not gory enough to have to hide away.

Are they seriously giving him a helmet that does that that whooosh thing. In the original, the helmet did not keep popping on and off. It stayed on permanently until the start of act 3, when Murphy was 1) reasserting his humanity and thus should have a human face showing again, and 2) was beat up and vulnerable. Symbolic on so many levels and apparently all too subtle for these modern filmmakers. This is why we can't have nice things, because morons just care about how it works on the action figure.