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We will never cease to be fascinated with Human Centipede. Its horrific goal to stitch humans together to create a three-man insect is not something one forgets. And now the new trailer has even more terrifying footage.

Human Centipede

We've been following Human Centipede ever since we've heard of it, with both horror and delight. And now here is the official trailer, that explains the plot to the entire film. Yes, there's actually a plot about a mad scientist who wants to build a human centipede out of three humans, sewn butt to face.... Plus the new poster for the film is above. Amazing work team Human Centipede, now we won't be able to eat for weeks.


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Illustration for article titled First Trailer From Horrific Human Centipede Makes Us Queasy

Alien Versus Ninja

Quiet Earth, pointed us towards the trailer for the comedy action Alien Versus Ninja. We don't really think any more explanation is necessary. It's Aliens fighting Ninjas, shut up and eat your awesome.

Bio Slime

John Lechago's Bio Slime seems like a lot of campy horror goodness. And this new trailer via Bloody Disgusting seems to confirm our suspicions. Trapped in a room with an evil mass of goo. The Bio Slime picks off its victims one at a time. Still not 100% about how dangerous a pool of slime would be, but it seems like it can change shape...a deadly abillity.



Finally the first footage of the evil Saint Nicholas as he rides through a town looking for his next Christmas massacre. Quiet Earth got the exclusive to the first ever clip from SINT, a film about how Santa Claus was actually a blood-crazed monsters. Who would hunt for children on December 5th. Ride Santa RIDE! Early for warning, there's no sound in this clip, just awesome evil Santa.


Meet Meline

Many months back we showed you a quickie teaser trailer for the wildly beloved Meet Meline short, a story about an adorable little girl, and her encounter with an alien creature. The entire short is now online, and it's just absolutely precious. Please take a look.

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