First trailer for the Battleship movie is like Transformers (but with battleships)

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Hey look, it's the trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship movie! And there's nary a white or red peg in sight! Holy shit, there's a vampire on that boat! Why did the Navy recruit a vampire? What the hell's going on here?


Well, this looks decidedly Bayesque. And here I thought it would be about the secret history of that over-excitable family from those 1980s commercials. I really wanted to learn how the dad got that sweet push broom. And as you may have noticed, Battleship hits theaters Mayo 2012.

[Via Bad Taste. Hat tip to Marcus!]

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Okay, I have a question - if Hollywood is so bankrupt for ideas, and are looking for pre-made idea with a built-in fanbase (is there really a fanbase for Battleship?), why don't they start adapting Tabletop Roleplaying Game? There are a number of tabletop rpgs out there that have complex worldbuilding and are well-known among the various geek community. And you don't have to worry about pissing off fans by changing the canon, because chances are fans modified the canon in every way possible in their own game already.

Shadowrun could be a wonderful fantasy/sci-fi TV show on a modest budget. You only have five non-humans race, and most of them are of the rubber forehead variety, and most of the lansdcape will still look like it does today.

Vampire: The Masquerade has your perfect apocalyptic movie to capitalize on vampire craze. Just make it about the Gehenna.

Warhammer 40k would be the perfect fit for one of your more crazy-visual-minded director, like Zach Snyder.

Paranoïa - do it as a 15-minutes adult-oriented animated show. Adventure Time proved there is a market for weird, crazy, off-the-quilter animated show.

All those are a better fit for a movie or TV adaptation than Battleship, Monopoly or Candyland.