First trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man shows off Spidey's new web-cam!

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The first ever trailer for Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot is officially out! See how Peter Parker has mutated from the wide-eyed Sam Raimi superhero to this lanky gloom cloud incarnation played by Andrew Garfield. Plus brand new Spider Vision! Watch!


Clearly it's a whole lot darker than the last Spider-Man franchise. But even though it looks like it's channeling a little Dark Knight-lite we trust Webb's vision, and the color palate is a welcomed change from the slick barrage of recent Marvel movies.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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I love how people have so much to say about the new spiderman movie.. & yet it's nothing. nothing but empty rants & whiney bitchy complaints how they're unimpressed. It's spiderman, folks. we all know the story, we all know how it happens. Let's stop acting like something different was suppose to happen. Webb did a great job taking what Raimi did to the superhero & turning it into a darker version. The costume change is real nice, subtle yet noticeable. Obviously this is the beginning of spiderman so he has to be young.

In my opinion he's done everything right so far. So please, to all the high & mighty experienced Film critics on here commenting & giving their 2 cents & how they're disappointed.. & it resembles mirrors edge & blah blah blah.. es tee ef yu . If you hate it so much, go watch the smurfs movie, maybe you'll be impressed by that.