Here's our longest look yet at Syfy's TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam's classic time travel film 12 Monkeys, and it gives us a sense of where the show will line up with its inspiration—and where it veers away.

The basic premise is still very much the same: James Cole (played by Bruce Willis in the film; played by Aaron Stanford) lives in a post-apocalyptic future where a plague has wiped out most of humanity, and he's sent back in time to prevent the disaster from happening. But there's a clear difference in Cole's mental state here; Stanford's Cole seems to have a clarity and security in his purpose, where Willis' Cole had been mentally traumatized, creating a sense of ambiguity in the film. This certainty that just about everyone in 2015 is dead in his future also means that the TV Cole may rack up quite a body count.


One thing we're digging here is Zeljko Ivanek, who is always fun to watch, playing a character named Leland—not, it seems, Jeffrey Goines—who seems to be a key player in the coming plague. While some aspects of the trailer stick pretty close to the film's plot, Leland's words suggest a somewhat different story, hopefully one that can twist and turn over multiple episodes. We'll have to see how it plays out when 12 Monkeys debuts in January 2015.

[via /Film]