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Check out the impressive space battle happening in Space Pirate Captain Harlock's CG-animated movie trailer. The detail is there, right down to Harlock's larger-than-life facial scar and the massive skull mounted on the front of his ship.

The trailer was screened at the Tokyo Anime Fair, but all we've seen thus far are a few snaps of the CG Harlock. Now we see what all the fuss was about — this film looks like a lot of fun, even the landscapes look pretty inventive. Harlock doesn't even look that different from Leiji Matsumoto's anime original. Harlock is a "space pirate" in the far future. He sails the skies inspiring the future masses to rise up against Earth's new alien governing parties.


According to the site that discovered this little gem, ToysREvil, the release date is set for sometime in 2010.


[via Topless Robot]

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