First trailer for Mood Indigo is pure Michel Gondry dream madness

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Oh Michel Gondry, we've missed you so! The first trailer for the French filmmaker's new movie Mood Indigo is a fantastic return to the whimsical dreamy madness of Gondry's brain, starring the dazzling Audrey Tautou. Behold everything you love about Gondry's work, crammed into one short trailer.


Here's the official rundown:

From the director of ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND comes a magical love story that stood the test of time. Adapted from Boris Vian's cult international bestseller.

In a world where you can travel around on a pink cloud or literally be swept off an ice-skating rink into a hole, Colin, a wealthy young man and inventor of the cocktail-mixing piano, wants to fall in love. With the help of his cook Nicolas and best friend Chick, he meets Chloe, the incarnation of a Duke Ellington tune. But soon after their wedding, Chloe falls ill. She has a water lily growing in her chest. Ruined by medical expenses, Colin resorts to increasingly desperate methods to save his beloved's life…

Mood Indigo will open on April 24 in France, but there's no release date for US (yet). We'll keep you posted.


You know, I love alot of this guy's work. But there's this issue of race with Gondry and alot of other popular French directors of a similar vein (Jeunet comes to mind), especially when directing for their home audience. They have this nasty habit of leaving minorities in roles of servitude or just out all together. Maybe I'm the only one seein that here? More french people of African descent playing the background to two beautiful rich white folk finding love? I always gave credit for Eternal Sunshine to Kaufman anyways.